The emotion of the moment!

If my site, as well as what I’ve said, has intrigued you, I want to say one more thing: I’m very excited! It’s not so normal for those not used to introducing and talking about themselves, especially if they prefer to listen.
So please, you speak now. You tell me something about your emotions, because I feel a bit strange with this “web” that has no limits and this “blog” that until yesterday I didn’t even know what it was. They make me feel as if I was sitting outside on the wing of a plane projected into a world that I don’t know!
And you say, but why did you do it then, no one asked you and no one forced you…
It’s true, but today this is the way, otherwise the book will remain in the drawer.
But I want you to read it, otherwise the crossing to the USA what will it have served?
By the way, I’m waiting for your comments!

In the end… we just have to have the courage to know each other and we’ll grow together beyond the aid of technology.
For this is what’s needed: to really communicate!
Sometimes just a word is needed and it can all be saved! Or finally recognized.
So do your thing, otherwise who will give me the courage to continue?

See you soon!