The emotion continues…

And the emotion continues… maybe in a different form because feelings are never the same.
In fact, from yesterday I’m part of an American artists  group : artists for a better world, which with their art they want to make a better world. Unfortunately, good things never make the news but only negative things. The first don’t sell and it’s almost a rage on the worst that can get more attention.

Instead I remain impressed by something the Dalai Lama said to the writer Isabel Losada, who asked him how does one become wise enough to know what can be changed around us. And he answered: “Just experience.” And the writer continued in her article saying: “Therefore, when people ask me how to change the world I say start by turning off the TV, don’t be satisfied and do something.”

It’s not bad as an experiment. I thought that instead of living the lives of others it would be better to live one’s own life! Yes, because many times we fall in line with what we’re shown, (however useful, especially for those who are alone) it makes us lazy about experimenting on ourselves.

For me communication is the foundation for everything. If you don’t speak it’s like being dead. This blog, a tool that continues to intimidate me, is something that in any case permits one to communicate, but not only one way, otherwise it’s not communicating. I would like to receive your comments, otherwise I feel like the drunk that talks to the world that no one listens to.

What do you say? By the way, have you seen my Amazon link? What do you say about my book?
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